VSONIC R04 Pro Audiophile Earphones Earbuds Ear Canel

Best price VSONIC R04 Pro Audiophile Earphones Earbuds Ear Canel

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Reliable build quality
  • Neat and compact design
  • 3 sets of silicone eartips included
  • Carrier case included

A great vocal lovers’ in-ear headphone! The power of this headphone is in the mid-range. The warm full bodied mid-range give your music excellent resolution and texture. This is the little brother of the RO4 Flagship Pro Audiophile earphones, the difference being in the headphone impedance and imbalance.

Under instruction from the manufacturer to give these headphones a burn-in – like any piece of finely tuned equipment some headphones require a little warm up – it’s advised to give them around 100 Hours to smooth out any rough notes up in those high treble notes!

Vsonic take robustness to the extreme. They don’t want their headphones breaking down and causing any upset, so much so that the stress reliefs are probably a little sturdier than you would expect. No complaints here though, the cable matches the performance so we are happy!

Inside this package are the necessary accessories to get the ultimate performance from your headphones. You get your various sizes of eartips to let you find the optimum acoustic seal and noise isolation, a set of cable guides that help keep the cable in place and reduce microphonics, and finally a neat carry case!

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VSONIC R04 Pro Audiophile Earphones Earbuds Ear Canel